Global Africa Partnerships Forum London 2024

2024 | London

Global Africa Partnerships Forum London 2024

The African Leadership Organization, publishers of African Leadership magazine, therefore, convenes its first-of-a-kind Global Africa Partnerships Forum – London 2024,
as a prestigious influential gathering of global African stakeholders, and meticulously created to function as a catalyst for vital partnerships, powerful alliances, and productive relationships that would impact the African corporate and political landscape.

The forum focuses on:

  • – Elevating African Global Partnerships: The forum celebrates the variety, resilience, and potential of Africa and its Global Partners and Investors. 
    – Investment & Deal Opportunities: Uncover a wealth of investment, partnership, and collaboration opportunities with key players across various industries.
    Networking Hub: The summit offers a unique setting for participants to interact, collaborate, and create long-lasting alliances that cut across sectors and geographies, building synergies that propel development.

This year’s theme is “multi-stakeholder partnerships”. This means working together between governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future.