Global Africa Partnerships Forum – London 2024

25 January,  2024 | London, United Kingdom





Global Africa Partnerships Forum – London 2024

THEME: Sustaining the African Renaissance: Collaboration, Innovation, and

It is no secret that Africa is home to some of the richest nations on earth with an abundance of human and mineral resources yet bears the contradiction as one of the poorest continents on earth. Arguably, a critical missing link may be unequal global relationships and poor governance and institutional systems on the continent. However, in today’s globalized world, progress anywhere is progress everywhere – and if any system is as strong as its weakest link, the need for a global coalition of partnerships to make Africa work effectively because crucial, even as it is hugely beneficial for all parties.
The African Leadership Organization, publishers of African Leadership magazine, therefore, convenes its first-of-a-kind Global Africa Partnerships Forum – London 2023,
as a prestigious influential gathering of global African stakeholders, and meticulously created to function as a catalyst for vital partnerships, powerful alliances, and productive relationships that would impact the African corporate and political landscape. With the aim of igniting revolutionary ideas that spur economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development throughout the continent, this exclusive event aims to bring together visionary leaders, industry experts, investors, and decision-makers.


Holding with the theme “Sustaining the African Renaissance: Collaboration, Innovation, and Partnerships”, The Global Africa Partnerships Forum will drive through the aspirations of revitalizing economies, harnessing untapped potential, and shaping a future that enables jobs creation, Africa’s unique identity and its global significance.
The Forum is focused on curating an atmosphere that encourages deal-making and cooperation, utilizing participants’ many skills and resources to address important issues, seize opportunities, and define the future of African trade and industry. Imagine how thrilling it would be to have access to markets, resources, and the diverse array of civilizations that make up this dynamic continent. Imagine the pride you would feel knowing that your concepts, goods, and services helped advance societies and empower individuals
So make it a date with us on the 25th January, 2024 in London.
Event Objectives
Elevating African Global Partnerships: The forum celebrates the variety, resilience, and potential of Africa and its Global Partners and Investors. It strives to showcase the triumphs, creative fixes, and ground-breaking concepts that are advancing the continent towards a better future.
Investment & Deal Opportunities: Uncover a wealth of investment, partnership, and collaboration opportunities with key players across various industries.
Cross-Sectoral Engagement: The forum breaks down industry barriers to promote interdisciplinary linkages and comprehensive problem-solving by bringing together thought leaders, legislators, business titans, academics, and innovators.
Inspiration and Innovation: Prominent speakers and thought leaders will present
insights that upend conventional wisdom, spark originality, and ignite inventive thinking in a variety of sectors, promoting long-term development and progress.
Networking Hub: The summit offers a unique setting for participants to interact, collaborate, and create long-lasting alliances that cut across sectors and geographies, building synergies that propel development.
Key Themes:
Innovation and Technology: Exploring how technology and innovation are reshaping industries, enhancing infrastructure, and driving economic growth across the continent.
Sustainable Development: Addressing Africa’s journey towards sustainable development, considering environmental, social, and economic factors for long-term prosperity.
Inclusive Economics: Analyzing inclusive economic models that uplift marginalized communities, reduce inequality, and promote shared prosperity.
Entrepreneurship and Startups: Spotlighting the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, showcasing success stories, and discussing ways to foster a conducive environment for startups.
Policy and Governance: Delving into effective governance structures, policies, and strategies that catalyze growth, stability, and good governance across African nations.
Cultural Renaissance: Celebrating Africa’s rich cultural heritage, exploring its role in the global cultural landscape, and harnessing it as a driver of creativity and economic growth.
Others – Including Africa and Global Health ecosystems. Investment in Sports and other youth-focused sectors; and recognition for the Top 40 Global Africans 2023 and Africa Aid, CSR & Philanthropy leaders
Who Should Attend:
• Corporate Leaders and CEOs
• Government Officials and Policymakers
• Entrepreneurs and Startups
• Philanthropists and International Donor organizations
• Innovators and Technologists
• Academics and Researchers
• Social and Environmental Advocates
• Youth Leaders and Changemakers
The ALM Africa Global Summit promises to be a transformative experience that ignites conversations, sparks collaborations, and lays the foundation for a brighter, more prosperous Africa and the world at large.
The GAPF Deal Room
The Global Africa Partnerships Forum Deal Room is a dynamic and exclusive networking platform designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, collaborations, and businessopportunities among participants of the Africa Global Summit. This space serves as abrid ge between industry leaders, innovators, investors, and decision-makers, fostering connections that drive growth, partnerships, and transformative initiatives across theAfrican continent. 
Key Features:
1. Networking Possibilities: The Deal Room gives participants a convenient method to
meet like-minded people, possible business partners, investors, and collaborators. To
grow your network, take part in one-on-one conversations, group discussions, and online
2. Investment and Partnerships: Learn  aboutexciting businesses, ground-breaking initiatives, and investment possibilities across Africa’s diverse industries. Entrepreneurs may present their ideas to possible backers while investors can browse well-chosen investment options.
3. Personalised Matchmaking: Cutting-edge algorithms pair participants according to their profiles, interests, and goals, making sure that your interactions are pertinent and in line with your aims.
4. Interactive and safe: The platform offers a secure setting for private conversations and information exchange. A smooth exchange of information is made possible by interactive capabilities like video conferencing, chat, and document sharing.
5. Resource Sharing: Use the informative materials, publications, whitepapers, and industry insights that other attendees have provided. Keep up with the newest developments in terms of trends, changes, and difficulties in African marketplaces.
6. Virtual Exhibition: Visit virtual exhibits from companies and organisations that are attending the summit that are demonstrating cutting-edge goods, services, and solutions. Explore the exhibitor’s offerings by interacting with them directly
1. Efficiency: Make the most of your time by effectively interacting with pertinent people and businesses, saving you the work of sorting through lengthy participant lists.
2. Exploring Opportunities: Find  possibleclients, investors, partners, and collaborators who share your objectives for your company.
3. Showcase: Stage your own activities, projects, and ideas to a large audience to gain visibility and maybe sponsorship.
4. Connections: Expand your worldwide reach by overcoming geographic restrictions and establishing connections with individuals from various parts of the world.
5. Real-time Engagement: Participate in live debates, talks, and interactive sessions without being constrained by geographical limits.
How to Access:
Participants of the Forum will receive access to the Deal Room upon registering for the event. The platform can be accessed through the summit’s official website or dedicated app, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.
The GAPF Deal Room is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of the forum, fostering connections that have the power to shape the future of African industries, economies, and societies. Discover, collaborate, and seize opportunities that pave the way for growth and win-win situations for all.


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