Forum On Free Trade Zones Administration

August 7 -12, 2023 | The Intercontinental Resort Balaclava Fort, Mauritius

Forum On Free Trade Zones Administration

THEME: The Future of Free Trade Zones Administration and Operation.

For economies seeking to foster their trade volumes, the strategic management of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) can significantly impact the economy’s overall trade performance and boost economic development. Acting as a one-stop service for timely and accurate collection of FTZ operation and security information, FTZ Management improves competitiveness by enhancing operational efficiency. Stakeholders stay abreast of market demands and competition with precise communication and improved transit operation data submission.
The Forum on Free Trade Zones Administration – Mauritius 2023 has a critical component that involves each participant’s reflection on personal and professional experiences and sharing these examples in class sessions. As such, the participants will have a better understanding of the approach to meeting the regulatory obligations of the day-to-day administration responsibilities, either being performed by internal or outsourced personnel—or a combination of both. The training content will teach participants industry best practices, share benchmarking knowledge and help create a first-class FTZ operation.
Why Should You Attend?
Today’s business environment is not easy and every day it is getting harder to find new customers while losing customers to competitors all around the world. Global thinking and looking for markets abroad need some qualifications to understand the trends and new competition. Free trade zones were developed especially in the second half of the 20th century and now have a very important role in international trade. To understand and compete globally, any company that does not want to lose even domestic market share and sales has to learn the effects of free trade zones
    Who Should Attend?
    As a result of this globalization, businesses have created a new concept to define the challenges and opportunities unique to the new highly globalized business environment.  It is with this in mind that only economic policies can assist enterprises in the country’s Free Trade Zones to achieve regular increases in production at lower costs that should be promoted.
    • Policymakers and Chief Executive Officers
    • Chief Operations Officers
    • Supply chain manager/ personnel
    • Trade/logistics/transportation director/manager
    • Warehouse managers/ management
    • Finance manager/cost accountant
    • Presidents of supply chain and trade
    • Vice presidents of the supply chain, trade and finance
    • Business owners
    • Marketing, business development
    • Purchasing, procurement, supply management and logistics
    • Import/export compliance personnel
    • Accounting department
    • Legal Department
      Course Objective
      The Forum on Free Trade Zone Administration will provide industry professionals with the know-how to be able to establish an efficient, compliant and cost-effective internal FTZ management program.  Key topics include:
      • A high-level overview of general import and export requirements as they relate to FTZ operations
      • Inventory Control & Recordkeeping System (“ICRS”)
      • Handling Merchandise in the FTZ & Additional Processes / Exceptions 
      • FTZ Receipts / Admission  
      • Zone-to-zone transfer bonded movements,  records & regulatory requirements
      • Periodic Reporting   
      • FTZ Internal Auditing, CBP Compliance Reviews & Compliant Recordkeeping
      • FTZ Considerations for 3PL Operators
      • In-Bond Regulations & Operational Considerations  
      • ICRS regulatory overview & requirements Hands-on Preparation for CBP FTZ Compliance Review / Spot Check




        The Intercontinental Resort Balaclava Fort, Mauritius


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