The 9th ALM Africa Summit 2024

4-5 July, 2024 | London, United Kingdom





The 9th ALM Africa Summit, London 2024

Theme: Africa Unleashed: Navigating Disruptions, Enhancing Opportunities
Event Brief
The ALM Africa Summit is a premier annual program hosted by the African Leadership magazine since 2016. This gathering brings together policymakers, political and business leaders, diplomats, civil society leaders, thought leaders, and stakeholders from Africa, the UK, and around the world to engage in discussions on various issues related to the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Africa. The Summit provides a platform for high-level networking, collaboration, and celebration of achievements in innovation, entrepreneurship, and development across the continent.
According to the Africa Governance and Development Outlook 2024 by the United Nations Development Programme, for 2024 to be an exemplary year for the African continent, leaders in government and business must address a complex set of domestic, regional, and international risks and challenges. These include global economic uncertainties, exacerbated by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions like the Ukraine War, as well as issues such as climate change, economic inequalities, and debt crises, which now underscore the urgent need for concerted efforts to bolster Africa’s resilience and sustainable prosperity.
While forecasts from the IMF and Economic Intelligence Unit anticipate robust economic growth for Africa in 2024, positioning the continent as the second-fastest-growing major region with an average growth rate of 4 per cent, there are underlying challenges that need to be addressed, as identified by the British think-tank Chatham House.
The 2024 edition of the ALM Africa Summit aims to build on the successes of previous editions by advancing discussions and actions towards sustainable prosperity for Africa. Under the theme- ” Africa Unleashed: Navigating Disruptions, Enhancing Opportunities ” this edition will focus on mapping out concrete pathways for Africa’s sustainable progress and development, prioritizing stakeholders’ collaboration, public-private partnerships and cross-sectoral cooperation, and other opportunities in driving sustainable development.
Additionally, the 9th ALM Africa Summit 2024 will provide a unique and valuable opportunity for forging new partnerships and alliances that would drive transformative change in Africa. Through structured networking sessions and matchmaking opportunities, participants will be able to identify synergies, share resources, and explore avenues for collaboration on joint initiatives. Moreover, the summit will provide a platform for showcasing innovative projects and best practices that have demonstrated tangible impact in advancing Africa’s development goals to inspire replication and scale-up of effective interventions across the continent.
  • Enhancing intra-African trade and regional integration.
  • Addressing infrastructure & energy gaps and investment opportunities.
  • Harnessing technology and innovation for inclusive growth.
  • Promoting good governance and effective leadership.
  • Enhancing agriculture, manufacturing, and non-oil sectors
  • Security, economic development, and wealth creation

  • Keynote Presentations & Panels
  • Countries & State Governments Investment Opportunities Showcase
  • Public – Private Sector Leaders’ Roundtable Session
  • African Customs Administration & Ports Management Roundtable (Part II)
  • High-Level Impact Networking Sessions
  • Induction into the African Leadership Council (ALC) and African CEOs Hall of Fame
  • The 14th African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA) 2024
  • Unveiling the ABLA Honourees Edition of the African Business Leadership Awards


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London, United Kingdom

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London, United Kingdom

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