Forum on Parliamentary Leadership and Oversight Management 2024

1–6 April, 2024 | London, United Kingdom





Forum on Parliamentary Leadership and Oversight Management 2024

THEME: Advancing Parliamentary Oversight and Accountability through Strategic Policy Planning and Innovative Parliamentary Practices

Recent research highlights the crucial role of robust legislatures in upholding democracy, particularly evident in Africa where legislative effectiveness varies. Despite historical challenges, African legislatures are increasingly seen as vital pillars in governance, actively driving reforms through legislative revisions, strengthening committee structures, enhancing staff capacities, and modernizing information systems. These efforts aim to enhance their influence on policy formulation and strengthen oversight mechanisms. However, African legislatures, reflecting global patterns, struggle with power imbalances, often overshadowed by the executive branch. Despite progress, only a select few African legislative bodies have fully embraced their responsibilities in policymaking and oversight, essential for ensuring both horizontal and vertical accountability.
As Richard Heaton, Former Permanent Secretary to the UK Cabinet Office, aptly notes, “Excessive legislative complexity impedes economic activity and undermines good governance.” Therefore, there’s an urgent need for legislators to familiarize themselves with contemporary global legislative practices to navigate the dynamic governance landscape effectively.
Event Brief
The African Leadership Organisation is therefore putting together the Forum on Parliamentary Leadership and Oversight Management to offer an exclusive training workshop for parliamentarians and legislative staff from Africa. This forum aims to foster meaningful engagement and peer-to-peer dialogue among participants and members of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. It concentrates on critical aspects of legislative governance, organizational structure, and practical techniques for managing legislative institutions effectively. The program also provides a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of the legislative process. It helps identify common areas where legislation can become overly complex and offers strategies to mitigate such challenges. Participants will exchange experiences and explore best practices for initiating and developing legislation, guided by expert practitioners and trainers in the field. Hands-on drafting exercises allow participants to apply their newfound knowledge effectively.
Furthermore, the program emphasizes peer-to-peer learning, networking, and sharing best practices to enhance parliamentary performance and accountability functions. Drawing on the extensive experience and knowledge of members of the UK House of Lords, along with seasoned facilitators and speakers, the Masterclass aims to empower participants to tackle the complex challenges facing African legislatures effectively.
Target Audience
·      Political & Policy Leaders from across Africa;
·      National and Regional Legislators & Lawmakers;
·      Political Party Leaders;
·      Community leaders, civil society, and leaders of thought;
·      Academics and students of African political history; and
·      All African stakeholders


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London, United Kingdom


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