10-Day Educational Study Tour & Experience Sharing To Harvard University

3-12 May, 2024 | Massachusetts, United States





10-Day Educational Study Tour & Experience Sharing To Harvard University

THEME: Enhancing University-Industry Linkages and Academin Research Relevance

The study tour is an exclusive program for the members of the academia and is proposed to be held at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia; and HYPERLINK “https://collegedunia.com/usa/university/2096-university-of-washington seattle” the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington D.C., USA,
Programme Overview
This extraordinary study tour is designed to aim to unlock the secrets of Harvard University’s success and revolutionize education in Africa. This immersive experience is meticulously designed to expose participants to the cutting-edge technicalities, strategies, and methodologies that have propelled Harvard to greatness. As participants, brace yourself for a transformative journey filled with invaluable information, dynamic exchanges, and groundbreaking ideas that hold the key to solving Africa’s most pressing societal challenges.
At the heart of this study tour lies a powerful mission: to bridge the gap between research and industry, igniting a wave of innovation and collaboration that will reshape educational institutions across Africa. Imagine the possibilities when universities come together, sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and exploring best practices. This tour is a passport to a world of inspiration, where educational programs are elevated to new heights of relevance and excellence.
This tour also has the potential to revolutionize the entire educational landscape in African universities. By embracing the never-ending process of learning and professional development, we empower educators to become true masters of their craft. Imagine the impact of teachers and academic members who are constantly improving their skills, staying ahead of the curve, and delivering tailored, impactful instruction to today’s students.
Education is the cornerstone of progress and economic growth, and it is time to unlock its full potential. Join us on this captivating study tour and witness firsthand how the right knowledge and skills can transform nations. Say goodbye to outdated educational systems and welcome to a future where education is finely tuned to address the unique needs of our society. Get ready to embark on a journey that will reshape the educational landscape and pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future
Programme Curriculum
Embark on a transformative study tour and experience-sharing program that will revolutionize education in Africa. This exclusive opportunity brings together the university’s leadership and esteemed faculty heads to engage in a dynamic exchange with their counterparts from prestigious universities in the United States. Get ready to dive deep into the pressing issues surrounding educational relevance in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, with a special focus on research-industry collaborations in education.
In this fast-paced era, it’s crucial for educators to stay ahead of the curve, meeting the ever-changing needs of students, harnessing the power of technology, and aligning with industry demands. This study tour is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of success, embracing innovation, and fostering professional growth. By immersing yourself in this immersive Educational Study Tour and Experience Sharing program, you’ll gain
invaluable insights from proven practices, engage in stimulating idea exchanges, and acquire practical strategies to enhance educational relevance.
Prepare to be inspired as you explore innovative approaches, research-based methods, and the latest trends in education. Armed with this novel knowledge and cutting-edge tools, participants will be empowered to adapt their teaching practices and remain at the forefront of the educational landscape. This is an opportunity to shape the future of education, while advancing yourself with the skills and expertise to make a lasting impact on your students and institution.
Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to join the ranks of visionary educators who are transforming education for the better. Get ready to embark on a journey that will elevate your teaching to new heights, revolutionize your approach, and position you as a leader in the field. The future of education starts here, and you have a front-row seat to be part of the change.
Objective of the Study Tour:
The main objective of the study tour is to enhance the educational relevance of participating institutions through three key strategies: promoting knowledge sharing, exchanging programs, and implementing best practices. Let’s dive deeper into each of these strategies:
1. The study tour aims to emphasize the importance of research-industry linkages in education. It showcases how these collaborations can enhance the quality and relevance of educational programs, preparing students for the demands of the industry and contributing to economic growth.
2. Exchanging Programs: The study tour provides an opportunity for participating institutions to learn about and exchange educational programs and initiatives. By visiting other universities and observing their programs firsthand, participants can gain insights into different teaching methodologies, curriculum designs, and student support services. This exposure to diverse programs can inspire participants to adapt and implement successful practices in their own institutions, thereby enhancing educational relevance.
3. Implementing Best Practices: The study tour aims to identify and showcase best practices in various aspects of education. Participants can learn about successful initiatives in curriculum development, pedagogy, assessment methods, technology integration, and more. By implementing these best practices, participating institutions can enhance the quality and relevance of their educational programs, ultimately benefiting their students and the overall educational ecosystem.
4. Enhance Curriculum Relevance: A key objective of the study tour is to help participants understand how to align educational curricula with industry needs and trends. By incorporating industry-relevant projects, internships, and practical experiences, educational institutes can ensure that their programs are up-to-date and produce graduates who are well-prepared for the workforce. By promoting knowledge sharing, exchanging programs, and implementing best practices, the study tour seeks to create a collaborative and dynamic environment where participating institutions can learn from each other, adapt successful strategies, and continuously improve their educational offerings. It aims to inspire and equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to enhance the
relevance of research and industry linkages in education, ultimately contributing to the overall development and growth of educational institutes in Africa
Target Participants
This program is designed to cover;
· Ministers for Education
· Educators and Administrators
· National University Commissions/Bodies regulating Universities and Colleges of Education.
· Vice Chancellors, Provosts, and Administrators of Higher Institutions of learning
· Deans, HODs, and Directors of Institutions
· Principal Lecturers
· Policymakers from African universities who are interested in improving the quality and relevance of their educational programs.


Highlights of the tour shall include;
  • Reception and Situation briefings by Senior US Government Officials
  • Paper Presentations/Training and Simulations
  • Panel Discussions and Case Studies
  • Study tours, working visits, teacher education & degree administration briefing by the representative of the US Department of Education/Institutions
  • Networking Session
Benefits of the 10-Day Study Tour
1. Institution-to-institution collaborations: The study tour facilitates collaborations, partnerships, and exchanges between African universities and renowned institutions like Harvard University. This allows for the replication of successful practices and progress made by these universities.
2. Promotion of innovation and solution-driven partnerships: The study tour promotes partnerships that focus on innovation and finding solutions to challenges in higher education. This helps in building a globally competitive higher education system in Africa.
3. Student exchange programs: The study tour enables African and UK students to participate in student exchange programs, allowing them to learn in a new environment with different perspectives. This exposure helps shape a global view and brings back valuable experiences to their home campuses.
4. Staff exchange programs: The study tour facilitates staff exchange programs, where experienced faculty members spend time in international campuses, sharing their knowledge through seminars, lectures, and public speaking. This benefits both students and teachers by bringing new learning experiences.
5. Research partnerships: The study tour encourages research partnerships between African universities and international institutions. This drives the development of local academic content, curriculum, scientific research, and industry participation in the academic process, addressing the current lack of adequate research in African universities.
6. Curriculum development and degrees in collaboration with renowned universities: The study tour allows for curriculum development and the formation of degrees in collaboration with prestigious universities like Harvard. This enhances the quality and relevance of academic programs.
7. Increased international visibility and rating: The study tour, through partnerships with high-profile institutions, enhances the international visibility and rating of participating African universities.
8. Knowledge sharing and collaborations on research and innovative practices: The study tour facilitates knowledge sharing and collaborations focused on improving research and development, as well as innovative practices in higher education. This contributes to the overall impact of higher education systems and practices.
9. Partnership for Skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering & Technology, and Maths (STEM): The study tour can foster partnerships specifically aimed at enhancing skills in applied sciences, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM), addressing the need for specialized expertise in these areas.
Overall, the study tour offers a range of benefits, including collaborations, innovation, student and staff exchanges, research partnerships, curriculum development, international visibility, knowledge sharing, and specialized skill development in STEM fields.
Teaching is one of the most admirable professions you could choose; they hold a great responsibility to educate the next generation of leaders, inventors, and innovators. Teaching can be a challenging profession, and the degree programs that will lead you to the classroom can be equally challenging. If the teachers are not sound in their disciplines and they impart wrong information, they are not only worthless but dangerous. Teacher education is what makes the difference between a teacher and a cheater in the teaching job. If you want to predict what the next generation of a nation will be, see the kind of teachers trained and posted to the schools.
Course Fee
$ 6, 550 (Six Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty U.S. Dollars, per Participant)
This fee covers
· Course Registration with seasoned facilitators and speakers.
· Certificate of Participation
· Lunch and tea breaks
· Training pack and Souvenirs
· Accommodation for participants
· Arranged working visits; city tours and sightseeing
· 3-page profiling, detailed interview and achievements publishing, and supplements in the special edition of the African Leadership Magazine.
– Kindly note that the cost indicated above does not cover flights
– We only accept a minimum of two (2) persons, per delegation.


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